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Four Frilly Tops: Would You Wear One?

Like a towering, layered wedding cake, these tiered ruffle tops look good enough to eat. The yummy colors are also delicious and irresistible for spring. Paired with slim black pants and heels, I think any of these tops would be perfect for an evening out. Toss on a fitted cardigan or blazer and you could even get away with one of these fashion confections at work. What do you think, too much frill or just right?

[1] Tiered Silk Blend Top, $27.80 at
[2] Ali Ro Tiered Ruffle Blouse, Was $264 Now $105.60 at
[3] Walter Tiered Chiffon Ruffle Blouse, Was $322.08 Now $108.00 at
[4] Xhilaration Sleeveless Ruffle Top, $17.99 at

I like green colour but don't suit things high on my neck like that. I love the blue shirt. Wish it was still available on the Canadian F21 site!
#1 Wanderlusting (Homepage) on 2009-02-12 16:28 (Reply)
I've been looking for a top like #4 for awhile! Either they look great, but are overpriced, or they are made from cheap materials - maybe this one will fit the bill!
#2 MizzJ (Homepage) on 2009-02-12 16:43 (Reply)
The blue is the best! You can tell that the ruffles would fall in places that would add shape where you want it and not add extra bulk where it is not needed. The color is so pretty too! The pink is the next best, but i am not a fan of gathered waists - they always ride up. The other, more expensive ones, are just too over the top.
#3 allison on 2009-02-12 16:43 (Reply)
They're so cute, but I think they'd mask all my best features!
#4 Sal (Homepage) on 2009-02-12 16:51 (Reply)
I love the green one! Why do I always end up liking things that are irrationally expensive?! I would definitely wear frills, although I don't know if I could pull it off for a daytime look.
#5 Leia (Homepage) on 2009-02-12 17:28 (Reply)
I love #4 and surprisingly I didn't pick the most expensive one. I do like the look of multiple ruffles. So girly and a touch of sexy...
#6 Jill (Homepage) on 2009-02-12 18:21 (Reply)
I always like the most expensive ones best. :-( I don't go for tops like these because I need all the waist definition and torso-lengthening I can get, and tiered ruffles tend to mask both of those things. I'd like to think the style of the green one would potentially be flattering to shorter, wider gals like myself, but I wouldn't be surprised if it just looked awful.
#7 Alexandra (Homepage) on 2009-02-12 18:28 (Reply)
Get out of my head !! I just bought the pink one from Target. It's adorable. I love it. I just wore a black cardigan over it Monday and wore it to work, it looked very classy. I plan on wearing it this weekend..minus the cardigan!
#8 Dina on 2009-02-12 20:09 (Reply)
I tried on the pink one at Target a while ago. The vivid pink caught my eye. I think it's really pretty - love the ruffles - but it did not compliment my body. While it helps with my small chest, it also masks my small waist which I should be accentuating. Also, I wasn't sure where I would wear it. I live in the casual Northwest and I can't think of too many occassions where I would wear something like this. It's definitely a good price though!
#9 shopgirl on 2009-02-12 21:43 (Reply)
yep, I love the green. I had my hand on one just like that at Sears
#10 budget chic (Homepage) on 2009-02-13 10:25 (Reply)
This is one of my all-time favorite looks! I find these tops to be very, very flattering. I have several of them in different fabrics and colors (and one patterned). They're feminine and pretty but kind of edgy too ... you will definitely get noticed, lol!

Although mine have deep necklines and not the up-to-your-neck kind (not a fan of turtlenecks). I remember sometime back, Lucky magazine did a feature on long tiered tops like these worn as dresses (some with long cardigans). But they have a feature on them this month too! Made me very happy. :o)
#11 Anusha (Homepage) on 2009-02-13 11:26 (Reply)
Robert Rodriquez has ruffle tops, great lightweight fabric, shapes, very flattering. very wearable, always get compliments on pale yellow one much like #4.
#11.1 Evelyn maynard on 2009-11-29 06:36 (Reply)
2 & 4 are both so cute but the styles were so unflattering on my straight-waisted/ boyish body!
#12 Erica on 2009-02-14 17:45 (Reply)
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