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Introducing PINK Body from Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret wants ladies everywhere to "think green, live pink," and as part of this eco-initiative, they've launched PINK Body, a new line of bath and beauty products that claims to be better for you and the environment. Prices range from $8 for lip butter to $15 for energizing body lotion (now 2/$20 with special promo). You've gotta applaud this move, just don't stop doing your homework at sites like, which rates products and makeup based on their toxicity. Will you be trying out this new line?

From the Victoria's Secret pressroom: INTRODUCING PINK BODY, a unique line of skin-loving and earth-friendly products created specifically for the pink girl. She spoke. We listened. The result? A more personalized approach to everyday body care using organic and vegan ingredients, powerful natural formulas and eco-friendly packaging. With three dermatologist-tested, solution-specific collections, each designed to pamper pink girls from tip to toe: nourishing for dry skin, energizing for dull, sluggish skin and soothing for extra-sensitive skin. Plus, four additional essentials that everyone can use and love. It's all about finding ways to look good, feel good and do a little good, too.


Even PINK girls can experience a dull moment from time to time. When skin gets worn and weary, our Energizing line can give it the recharge it needs. Packed with U.S.-sourced Citrus and Organic Mint to naturally exfoliate and refresh, plus a boost of caffeine from Organic Coffee Beans to energize and tone.

Dry humor? Love it. Dry skin? Not so much. Made for PINK girls who need a major dose of moisture but can't deal with heavy creams and greasy lotions. Our Nourishing line is infused with Organic Shea and Cocoa Butters to help heal and hydrate, plus a shot of U.S.-sourced Grape Seed Oil for antioxidant protection.

Ideal for PINK girls with tempermental skin. You know the kind: easily irritated, extra sensitive, doesn't take well to harsh products. Our Soothing line is hypoallergenic and enriched with Organic Oat Extract to calm, plus U.S.-sourced Soy Milk to fortify.

Little everyday things that skin needs and loves.

Shop PINK Body here.

Not sure I'll be purchasing - have to check out the scents first.
#1 Down Comforter (Homepage) on 2009-02-18 16:15 (Reply)
It says the ingredients are 100% vegan....what's the difference between vegan certified & 100% vegan ingredients?
#2 Katie on 2009-02-23 18:38 (Reply)
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