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In Full Bloom

Floral prints continue to dominate as one of the season's hottest trends. Yeah, we were a little scared at first, too...but we gotta admit—they're starting to grow on us.

Everything's coming up roses for top designer Oscar de la Renta (left). Get the look for a whole lot less with this Woven Floral Dress (right), $29.80.

Roses are red, violets are blue, we love Anna Sui and so should you! On the left, a blouse by Anna Sui available at Bergdorf Goodman for more than we'd like to say. Try this Floral Puff Tunic (right) instead, $19.80,

Budget Beauty: Summer Skincare

Posted by The Budget Babe's Beauty Expert
Summer is almost here, and we all know what the means—skin, skin and more skin!!! Beautiful skin from head to toe is just a couple bucks away with these great products that I personally use for glowing, soft, and gorgeous skin!

For a beautiful fresh face I have a product that I think I would literally die without (actually I have several, I’m freakishly attached to my regimen). I’ve tried a lot of face washes, and never have I come across a product that has such obvious and consistent results. It’s the [1] St. Ives Swiss Formula Medicated Apricot Scrub with Salicylic Acid for Oily/Acne Prone Skin. Its not strong at all, never leaves my skin dry, and makes me feel clean not tight. It’s fabulous. It also comes in different formulas, sensitive and renew & firm. All really great (I’ve tried them all!) Each one only costs $3.79. Use it daily for best results.

In the summer, I love to follow up with a very light moisturizer that cools, refreshes and depuffs skin. Also creates a perfect base for any kind of makeup (I could go on about how great this stuff is for hours!) I adore the [2]St. Ives Swiss Formula Cucumber & Elastin Eye &Face Stress Gel for all skin types. So cheap ($3.99), and worth is weight in gold! Hard to find in stores, but readily available at or Loves it!

For a soft, supple body from the neck down I recommend [3]Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Conditioning Cocoa Butter ($5.79). Not greasy, sticky, or too thick, you’ll get perfect moisture and beautiful skin. This is the first lotion I can honestly say I think has improved the quality of my skin (I’m talking about stretch mark repair), and considering I’ve tried them all, that’s saying a lot. Smells lovely, a definite bargain.

Hot summer tootsies bringing you down? Try [4]Burt’s Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion ($8.99). Its 100% natural, and 100% effective! Peppermint brings a tingly cool sensation to tired feet to soothe and calm, while softening Beeswax and Vitamin E prevent against roughness.

Things We Love: Silk-Wrapped Bead Necklaces

Add shine to your spring wardrobe with a sumptuous silk-wrapped bead necklace.

Option one: silk-wrapped bead necklace from, $34. Available in ivory/brown or ivory/orange.

Option two: Silk-wrapped bead necklace from, $20.

Option three: Make one yourself with these simple steps from! Keep reading for the instructions >>

Love the Shoes You're In with Foot Petals

Posted by The Budget Babe's Beauty Expert

Like most women interested in fashion, I have a love/hate relationship with shoes. Love is the only word that can be used to describe the initial response to a glorious pair of heels. The sexy spike of the stiletto, the oomph of the wedge, the beauty of the boot—these are the things dreams are made of. Only difference is that in my dreams, I can wear them for longer then twenty minutes without cursing under my breath from the horrid pain they inflict on my poor feet.

That’s where the hate part of the relationship comes in. Just two weeks ago I found myself screaming at a pair of brown suede pumps in the subway, "WHY?!!!! Why must you be so tempting and then hurt me this way?!" Needless to say, my fellow riders gave me the you’re-the-reason-people-fear-public-transportation look.

That night at home while soaking my tootsies in a warm bath, I decided that the relationship between me and my shoes needed professional help...