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Luxe vs. Less: Tory Burch Patent Tote

Tory Burch knows how to make a big statement with accessories, but they typically come with a big price tag: The yummy Tory Burch 'T' Contrast Patent Tote on the left costs $325.00.

For a similar look - single-strap, oversized patent tote with a perforated design and snap closure - pick up Steve Madden's 'Bjenn' tote in pink instead. It still packs a punch but costs considerably less at just $38.

Luxe: Tory Burch 'T' Contrast Patent Tote at, $325.00
Less: Steve Madden Bjenn tote at, $38

Olay Botanical Fusion Body Wash in 'Hydrate'

Looking for a great new body wash? Lather up with The Budget Beauty Babe's latest find. —BB

by The Budget Beauty Babe
I am a big fan of hydrating body washes, especially in the dry winter months (brr!). Olay has just come out with a new line of Body washes called Botanical Fusion, including a hydrating wash with patchouli and soy oil - and I love this product! It creates a soft rich lather, has a beautiful scent that lingers without being obnoxious or overpowering, and leaves skin feeling clean and hydrated (no tight dry skin over here!).

Plus, ingredients like Soy Oil and Shea Butter make it A-Okay in my book. Oh, and I love the look of the bottle - great shape, great color scheme and an overall impression of cleanliness and tranquility. For about $4, it's a great budget buy (I bought mine on sale, 3 for $10 at Walgreens!) I think it's a new staple in my bathroom, and I'm sure it'll also be great in summer when thick moisturizers are just too much.

>> Find out where to buy Olay Body Botanical Fusion Body Wash in Hydrate here.

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Norma Kamali to Create Line for Wal-Mart

Ee gads! I'm speechless. Renowned American designer Norma Kamali is bringing her expertise to Wallyworld. I didn't see this coming, although come to think of it, she already has a collection for Spiegel and the lower-priced Norma Kamali for Everlast collection. But still, it's like, Diane von Furstenberg for Target or something. Eerie, right?

Either way, we like the sound of this collaboration, and yes, Wal-Mart will have effectively seduced this frugal fashionista to cross that murky consumer threshold and shop their depressing big-box once the collection hits the racks.

From In a deal via Cherokee Inc., Kamali will create an exclusive collection that will include women's wear, children's clothing, accessories, footwear and home items.

"Through the Wal-Mart stores and Web site I can reach more people and affect more lives than in any other venue." —Norma Kamali

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Revlon Golden Affair Sculpting Blush

Makeup that blends rich color with a touch of gold is enough to make any girl blush. The Budget Beauty Babe reviews Revlon's Limited Edition cosmetic treat for your cheeks. —BB

by The Budget Beauty Babe
I'm a big fan of blush. Even if you don't wear any other makeup, a swipe of good blush can bring life and vibrancy to your complexion and face. While meandering through the cosmetics isle (which you will find me doing often) I found a collection of lovely blushes by Revlon that not only offer lush berry shades, but also give you a hint of gold glimmer: Revlon Golden Affair Limited Edition Sculpting Blush.

I scooped up a nice rich shade called Berry Daring, and fell in love. I love makeup that is saturated with enough color that a little goes a long way, and that happens here. The lightest swipe across this beautiful compact provides you with enough color to give subtle warmth to your face. And I just love the little gold insets in the blush. Adding subtle gold shimmer gives dimension and depth to that area of the face, without being loud or tacky.

Revlon Golden Affair Limited Edition Sculpting Blush in Berry Daring is a definite pick-up in my book. You won't be disappointed!

>> Revlon Golden Affair Limited Edition Sculpting Blush retails for $12.99 at Find out where all Revlon products are sold here.