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Fierce or Tranny: Cracked Leather Gold Heels

The line between what's hot and what's a hot mess can often be hazy what with all the tempting trends out there. I've made one too many fashion blunders because of this, and so I've decided to do a new installment here on The Babe that allows you, the reader, to help me make that distinction: Fierce or tranny?

Let's start with these super sexy Jimmy Choo "Elipse" cracked-gold leather sandals (at left). My vote: Undeniably fierce. The price ($695), not so much, which led me to search for a budget-friendly version (at right): The "Diem" platform sandal from Bakers. It's got the cracked gold leather look, the tall stiletto heel and the slight platform - but does the "Diem" hold the same allure as the Jimmy Choos...or does it scream dancer at The Baton?

Give it to me straight, ladies: Are these shoes fierce or tranny? (Please note that I use the word lovingly. But it's not the look I'm going for.)

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What's Your Summer Uniform?

Street style in Boston and Manhattan. (The Sartorialist, I am not.)

One of the good things about living on the East Coast is that everything is relatively close together. You can be in Boston one weekend and New York City the next without the hassle of flying. This is all rather new and exciting for a girl who grew up in Chicago, and of course, my favorite part about traveling is scoping out the local fashions.

So what is everyone wearing?
  • For locals and tourists alike, the summer wardrobe across the board seems to be dresses, dresses and more dresses!
  • Footwear is largely flip-flops or gladiator sandals (yay!).
  • Metallic handbags are ridiculously popular for day and night. But the more stylish ladies seem to gravitate toward slouchy tan leather bags, cross-body bags or supple woven styles.
  • Tank tops of every color and short shorts are also ubiquitous.
  • Maxi dresses are another very popular trend, everywhere I turn I seem to see women of all ages in floor-length frocks, usually styled with a laid-back bohemian vibe.
  • Skin is also in: When temperatures soar, no one hesitates to show lots of it.
  • Prints run the gamut from florals and paisley to ombre, ethnic prints, checks, stripes, eyelet and everything in between!

So what makes certain women stand out in a crowd when just about anything goes?

Look for Less: Ed Hardy Tattoo Tee

Ed Hardy Tattoo Tees

American tattoo artist Ed Hardy's vintage tattoo graphics were the most sought after body art of his time. Now Hardy, who was the first Western tattoo artist to incorporate Japanese tattoo aesthetic and technique into his work, has lent his name (and vintage tattoo designs) to everything from apparel to watches, hats, shoes, bags and more. While there's no denying Hardy's talent as an artist, his duds carry some pretty steep pricetags. You can find authentic Ed Hardy licensed products at places like Nordstrom Rack for cheap. Or, get the look with one of the many tattoo-inspired tees available at fashion chains like Wet Seal. Are you an Ed Hardy fan?

Left: Ed Hardy EH Mum Dip-Dye Tee at, $88.00
Right: Flying Rose Tattoo Tee at, $17.50