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Diane Von Furstenberg Country

If you've ever wondered where iconic fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg draws her inspiration, take a drive through Litchfield County, Connecticut. The former princess maintains a longtime residence there at Cloudwalk Farm in the town of New Milford, in addition to her Manhattan apartment. This region of Connecticut which is home to Von Furstenberg's 100-acre, 160-year-old spread, is certainly one of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring parts of the state and perhaps the country. Fall is an especially glorious time as gold, red and orange leaves blanket the rolling hills and carpet forest floors as well as the winding, narrow roads that hug the land. Keep reading to see a few photographs I took last weekend of the area (which really don't do it justice but ah well), including a few shots of the main entrance to Von Furstenberg's beloved Cloudwalk Farm. (The timeworn stone walls are one my favorite features.) Happy fall.

Beauty Review: Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquer

The Budget Beauty Babe reviews Ulta brand nail polish, and it's a hit! —BB

by The Budget Beauty Babe
Recently, I took advantage an offer to anyone who would hand over their email address in exchange for a coupon that entitles you to a free Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquer. I’ll try anything if its free (especially nowadays! Sheesh!). I was really very happy with my new polish. It works great, lasts forever and Ulta offers a ton of different shades, I’m pretty sure you can make a perfect match for any shade of pink or red or dark purple (great for Fall) that you may possibly need in your life. I love it, I think it’s a great polish and I have become a loyal customer. A little pricey on a regular day at full price ($5), but a fantastic deal with an Ulta coupon, or any of the many promotions they offer for their own line of products (it's on sale for $2.50 right now online.)

Shown above: Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquer in Wicked, Now $2.50 deals: Free shipping on orders over $50; $5 off any purchase of $10 or more, enter code 96306

Cute, Cheap Halloween Costumes from Mandee

Halloween is that one day of the year when you can dress as crazy or kooky or spooky or skanky as you want, and it's totally OK. In fact, it's strongly encouraged, and has a whole collection of costumes that fit the bill. Most of them are racy cliches like the sexy maid, the sexy police officer, or the sexy superhero. They're not wildly inventive, but they're still fun and festive attention-grabbers. Best of all, they're on sale for super cheap. Keep reading to see a few of our favorites.

[Above: 4 Piece Supergirl Costume, Was $54.00 Now $40.50]

3 Piece Sexy Bumble Bee, Was $34.00 Now $25.50

3 Piece Geisha Girl, $54.00 Now $40.50

5 Piece Bat Girl Costume, $54.00 Now $40.50

2 Piece Maid, $18.00

4 Piece Sexy Ladybug, Was $42.00 Now $31.50

If you've never worn a wig, you haven't lived. Fun hair pieces let you take on a whole new persona: Cecilia Blond Long Wig, Was $24.00 Now $18.00

The Perfect Jersey Scarf

A soft, affordable scarf can be hard to find on a budget because cheap scarves are often made from scratchy polyester or acrylic (useless when it comes to keeping you warm, too.) That's why I was so grateful to receive an amazing jersey scarf in the mail from the lovely ladies at Shade Clothing, a company that specializes in affordable, stylish essentials. Shade kinda reminds me of a more modest American Apparel, which is a compliment in my book. Anyways, I think jersey is just divine and a jersey scarf is one of the season's must-have accessories. Simple, chic, and most of all, soft! Available in 6 beautiful colors, the scarves retail for only $9.50. They're also the perfect width and length which means you can wear them countless ways. I've got the gray one, and I'm already contemplating which color to get next.

Get your own jersey scarf at