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Meet Fashion Illustrator Christy Joehl + Print Giveaway!

Fashion illustrator Christy Joehl
The Man Repeller recently posed the thought-provoking question: Are illustrators the new fashion bloggers? We had to nod our collective heads in agreement because lately we've been following more and more illustrators on Instagram whose sketches make us smile, think, and most of all, feel inspired. So in this new feature, we're introducing you to up-and-coming fashion illustrator Christy Joehl (@spontaneousspark_bychristy), plus we're giving you a chance to win an original piece of artwork created especially for you by the artist! Follow us on Instagram (@budgetbabe) for giveaway details and rules.

From Cornfields to Manhattan: The Story of a Fashion Illustrator

She grew up in a rural community where the most popular clothing choices were grass-stained blue jeans, she attended a school where everyone dressed in other words, her world did not organically lead to catwalks or red carpets, and yet Christy Joehl always dreamed of working in fashion.

Nordstrom End-of-Summer Clearance Sale Picks Under $50 You Can Wear Now and Later

Nordstrom End-of-Summer Clearance Sale Picks / Fashion Blog
The Nordstrom End-of-Summer Clearance Sale is going on now where you can save up to 40% through September 13 on all those summer items still on your wishlist...or, you can find pieces that will work well into the fall and beyond. This floral skater dress will take on a romantic fall mood with opaque tights, ankle boots and a floppy felt hat, while this pencil skirt in a rich plum hue will look office-chic with navy, ivory and leopard accents (check out this outfit for inspiration).