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Meet Fashion Illustrator Christy Joehl + Print Giveaway!

Fashion illustrator Christy Joehl
The Man Repeller recently posed the thought-provoking question: Are illustrators the new fashion bloggers? We had to nod our collective heads in agreement because lately we've been following more and more illustrators on Instagram whose sketches make us smile, think, and most of all, feel inspired. So in this new feature, we're introducing you to up-and-coming fashion illustrator Christy Joehl (@spontaneousspark_bychristy), plus we're giving you a chance to win an original piece of artwork created especially for you by the artist! Follow us on Instagram (@budgetbabe) for giveaway details and rules.

From Cornfields to Manhattan: The Story of a Fashion Illustrator

She grew up in a rural community where the most popular clothing choices were grass-stained blue jeans, she attended a school where everyone dressed in other words, her world did not organically lead to catwalks or red carpets, and yet Christy Joehl always dreamed of working in fashion.

Fall in Love: Boots, Scarves and Soft Sweaters to Shop Right Now

Fall outfit ideas featuring boots, scarves and soft sweaters
Don't get me wrong - I'm not ready for summer to end just yet. But these hot, hazy days of August always take me back to my childhood and those final few free days of summer vacation when my parents would take me to pick out clothes for the new school year. The annual ritual continued at home where I'd spend hours deciding exactly what to wear on that all-important first day. I had a new wardrobe, and in many ways, fall fashion rung in the new year more than any resolution set in January ever did. So let's get excited for fall all over again, starting with my favorites: Boots, scarves and soft sweaters!

Think You Can't Rock A Hat? These Three Looks Will Change Your Mind

I have always loved wearing hats, but I'm well aware that not everyone feels the same way (fear of hat hair or looking "silly" are among the many excuses, er, reasons I often hear from friends who are hat-averse). While a hat may seem like an unnecessary accessory - guess what? - summertime is the perfect time to bust out your hat collection! Not only will you look totally chic, you’ll also be making smart skin decisions. Trust me, your skin will thank you in the long run. And if you think it’s hard coming up with practical outfits to go with your hats, it’s not. It’s so easy! Read on for 3 cute and cheap ways to rock headwear this season:

How to Transition Summer Pieces to Fall: 3 Outfit Ideas on a Budget

How to transition your summer looks to fall with simple swaps
Every day that goes by is another day closer to the end of summer. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on how you feel about your summer wardrobe (I feel like I'm wearing everything on repeat) and how excited you are to start wearing the new fall trends. Either way, it's never too early to think about ways to stretch your summer clothes a little bit further into the season. I always feel sad putting my summer clothes away, but there are savvy ways to save them. Here are three ways to transition your favorite summer pieces into fall once the mercury begins to drop:

What to Wear to the Beach: 3 Perfect Outfits On A Budget

Beachy looks on a budget
We might have just passed the Fourth of July on the calendar, but we still have so many sun filled days left to enjoy. The hottest days are still ahead of us - and hopefully some vacation days! I absolutely love relaxing in the summer sun, with sunscreen in hand of course. Sometimes relaxing can mean many different things. Sometimes it means just lounging, and other times it means working up a sweat. Either way, there’s a beach style that’s just right no matter how you plan on spending your day in the sun!