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Meet Fashion Illustrator Christy Joehl + Print Giveaway!

Fashion illustrator Christy Joehl
The Man Repeller recently posed the thought-provoking question: Are illustrators the new fashion bloggers? We had to nod our collective heads in agreement because lately we've been following more and more illustrators on Instagram whose sketches make us smile, think, and most of all, feel inspired. So in this new feature, we're introducing you to up-and-coming fashion illustrator Christy Joehl (@spontaneousspark_bychristy), plus we're giving you a chance to win an original piece of artwork created especially for you by the artist! Follow us on Instagram (@budgetbabe) for giveaway details and rules.

From Cornfields to Manhattan: The Story of a Fashion Illustrator

She grew up in a rural community where the most popular clothing choices were grass-stained blue jeans, she attended a school where everyone dressed in other words, her world did not organically lead to catwalks or red carpets, and yet Christy Joehl always dreamed of working in fashion.

What did organically blossom was Joehl’s connecting of art with fashion. Joehl spent her days drawing dolls and their clothing. She indulged her studies with fashion catalogue breaks, and before long she found that drawing fashion became her way of shopping. “Fashion and art have been a part of my life since the moment I learned to hold a pencil,” Joehl says. “I loved drawing people and designing the world around them. Fashion goes so much deeper than the clothing. I am passionate about the industry and I am passionate about what it represents – it is art you live in.”

Fashion illustrator Christy Joehl

When she got old enough to truly pursue her passion, Joehl took her talents to Purdue University in Indiana. Her program allowed her to join the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) her junior year, and overall lead to some of the most formative experiences of Joehl’s ever-developing fashion career. “Many of my classes at FIT required me to take advantage of the city and gather information for projects,” Joehl says. “For my class product development project, we went out and shopped the market for color inspiration for the collection we were building.”

Securing an internship at a fashion house last summer in London and then at Ralph Lauren this Summer, Joehl got her toes wet in the world she loves – fashion. It also helped her learn even more about combining fashion with art.

“As an Concept Illustration intern, I was responsible for putting to paper the ideas and concepts that we developed as a team,” she explains. “These visual references serve as a means to communicate our ideas to the other members of Creative Services who actually put together the windows. I also created artwork that is used as part of the 'set design' of the window displays.”

Some of Joehl’s watercolors are currently featured in the Fall Ralph Lauren Children’s windows through September all over the world.

Fashion Illustrator Christy Joehl's Etsy shop

Joehl recognizes the competitive spirit of the fashion industry. She’s putting in her time now, hoping to one day be her own boss. “I want to provide creative direction for a variety of clients, as well as take on art projects for various purposes,” she says. “I have a wide variety of interests, and I love feeling like I am constantly growing and learning.”

Joehl ultimately credits her work and advances in the fashion industry to the pursuing of her passion. “My entire life I have known that art is my ultimate passion,” Joehl says. “I have been searching for a role that will allow me to utilize it, while also incorporating my head for business, love for collaboration, and fascination with the fashion industry.”

Connect with Christy:
Online Portfolio // Etsy Shop

Head to our Instagram page for a chance to win a piece of original artwork by Christy!

Photo/Image Credits: Christy Joehl

Such a great story of where life can take you if you follow your passions!

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