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Off the Rack: Rodarte for Target

Rodarte for Target

This weekend I finally got to see the Rodarte for Target collection, which launched with much fanfare at the end of December.

Many of you felt underwhelmed by the collection and questioned the underwear-as-outerwear theme that ran throughout.

I nonetheless approached the collection with an open mind and a fashion martyr's devotion. Here's how it went:

Rodarte for Target

Highlights included an assortment of tulle skirts, a lace screened tee, and a kimono floral-print raincoat. Chic and affordable.

Pieces I had expected to love, like the crepe lace slip dress ($39.99), too closely resembled lingerie and suffered from major static cling. Pass.

Rodarte for Target

Other pieces which I had expected to hate were surprisingly fabulous in person, like this leopard print lace dress ($44.99). In fact, it's the one piece I splurged on. I will probably wear it with opaque tights and flat boots during Fashion Week (er, if I get invited).

Rodarte for Target

Model types like Erin Wasson could make this sequin leopard print dress ($44.99) work, but I could never go out in public in this.

Rodarte for Target

Good concept, poorly executed.

Overall, I think the Rodarte collection was geared more towards the Tavis of the fashion world. (See the pintsize blogger looking absolutely brilliant in her Rodarte for Target dress here.) But I'm happy with my purchase, too. Let's just hope I can sit down in it…

I still haven't seen this collection in person. Glad to hear at least a few of the pieces were fun and well-made!
#1 Sally (Homepage) on 2010-01-11 15:14 (Reply)
The last one looks really cute on you! I feel like the yellow is too bright on the dress you bought, but I haven't seen it in person. Thanks for the report! BTW I scored some tights just like the ones on the Target models at Marshall's for $6!
#2 MEP on 2010-01-11 17:04 (Reply)
I'm so jealous. I wonder if my local Target store has sold out yet!
#3 Jihan S. (Homepage) on 2010-01-11 18:25 (Reply)
Wow! Tavi does look adorable in that dress.
I'm still not a fan of this line for myself though. :-( I would rather buy things I can wear every day.
#4 Chrissy on 2010-01-11 21:31 (Reply)
I ended up buying a lovely floral print top and a pair of the knee-highs from this line. I loved the leopard print coat but not for 80 bucks.

You're right, this line was totally designed for a rail-thin 13-year-old "scenester" who really needs to be a kid first, not the kind of ordinary women who shop at Target in real life.
#5 StrawberryGirl on 2010-01-11 21:31 (Reply)
I have the last one; the floral with the black halter neck thingy. Love it! I couldn't pull off the leopard print lace dress, so I'm kinda jealous you can. lol
#6 K (Homepage) on 2010-01-11 21:58 (Reply)
Spot on BB, this is for tweens. The fit is poor. As for the leopard print lace dress, I beg of you, in the name of Coco Chanel and all that is holy don't wear it to NY Fashion Week. That dress is so stiff and itchy, you won't be able to stand it. Also, is it flame retardant? :-) Please check. There is something unnatural about the material it's made from.

You deserve something so much better!
SO MUCH BETTER!!! I might have to 911 call Anna Wintour if you go to Fashion Week in it :-)
#7 Mary Hall (Homepage) on 2010-01-11 23:08 (Reply)
I will agree that some of the color and silhouette choices (mustard yellow, tons of tulle) were directed to those of us who are more daring in our sense of fashion, but overall, I loved this designer line.

I bought several pieces, including a striped Breton shirt, a navy version of the tulle skirt, the black version of the lace halter dress, and I almost bought the nude version of the lingerie-like dress that you said was clingy.

Having a large bust and butt as well as a tummy, I've found that sometimes it's hard for me to buy things in the designer collections, but everything I tried on fit wonderfully!
#8 Moni (Homepage) on 2010-01-11 23:09 (Reply)
I hate to say, but I agree with the previous commenter that the leopard print is too yellow for my tastes, but maybe it was just poor camera coloring? I like the first dress the best, esp paired with those boots! Too bad it was so itchy.
#9 MizzJ (Homepage) on 2010-01-11 23:41 (Reply)
I can't defend the color of the dress, it's garish, bordering on offensive, and yet, I still love it! :-)
#9.1 The Budget Babe on 2010-01-12 09:06 (Reply)
Completely agree with your assessment of the collection. I went to the West Hollywood location about a week and a half ago and was surprised to find some of the lace dresses still in stock, but most of the dresses, cardigans, etc. were gone. I did find the ONLY faux leopard fur jacket in MY SIZE on the rack and once I put it on, I was in love. It was the only piece I truly loved. I did like the sleeveless khaki lace-print dress as well but didn't think it was worth the price. But I am very happy with my purchase. Still shocked I managed to score after seeing the collection so late in person!
#10 Philiana on 2010-01-12 04:23 (Reply)
the black one looks great on you! and the boots totally worked with it.
#11 anh (Homepage) on 2010-01-12 10:30 (Reply)
Can we please stop it with all of the 'Rodarte's line is made for 'thin as a rail' clothing, rather than clothing for "real" Target shoppers comments. Honestly, it makes me so angry that women, who are just natrually small and thin, getting piced on for not being a "real" women. For having a smaller frame, we get labelled as 'thin as a rail' or having a size zero body, when for most of us, it's nothing we're intentionally doing. I am only 5'1 and 90lbs. I have friends who are average height and weight around 100lbs. Does this mean either of us are trying to loo this way? No, quite frankly, a lot of smaller framed women, would love to have a bit more meat on our bones, so clothes don't just hang there. So, Target shoppers come in all different shapes and sizes, so it's ignorant to label the "real Target shoppers" as those, who aren't small framed. This line looks more 'cheap' than chic too. I'd never pay $80 for something at Target that I can get at Zara's for the same price + better quality.
#12 Alena on 2010-01-13 12:39 (Reply)
BB, I completely agree with you on the last dress. It was a sad dress at best, the used the wrong ribbon for that dress. Its terrible. However, I did like this collection quite a bit, but I am a fan of the whole inner wear as outter wear. I picked up the black and the nude tulle dress and all static cling problems can be fixed with a bottle of static guard. AND ITS FABULOUS, I get tons of compliments on those dress. I'm gonna say this was my favorite collection thus far as I have picked up a ton of the pieces. The lace cardis are probably the best piece in the whole collection as there was nothing wrong with them. Of course they have all been banished to eBay mark up heaven now, which is really too bad.

As soon as I get my new camera up and running I'll do some outfit posts.

#13 Talk Pretty To Me (Homepage) on 2010-01-14 10:47 (Reply)
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