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Ask BB: What to Wear for a Weekend in Orlando

Would you please suggest an outfit for a long weekend getaway in Orlando, Florida? Something to explore Universal theme park in? I believe it's a bit chilly in Florida at the moment. —M

Parts of Florida have been experiencing unseasonably cold weather this winter, so I'd wear a trench and cardigan on the plane. These will keep you comfy should the sun decide to hide on your vacation.

Theme parks are notoriously casual but that doesn't mean you can't look cute. And there are plenty of nice restaurants, bars and nightclubs to entertain grownups in the evenings, so if you plan on going out, pack a cute top and dark jeans or black pants for such occasions.

Here's some inspiration, click any outfit for details on the items shown:

Outfit 1

Classic: A classic trench is a travel must-have that goes from day to night, sunny skies to thunderstorms. Red leather flats from the Gap are a comfy yet chic way to get around.

Outfit 2

Casual Cool: I can't wear Converse sneaks myself (not enough arch support), but thousands (perhaps millions?) of people swear by them for comfort and hipster style. Add a boyfriend blazer to cover up if it gets cold.

Outfit 3

Going Out: There's tons of nightlife in Orlando, both around the theme parks and even downtown. A pretty top and black pants is laid back yet still fun enough for partying.

Florida readers/travelers: What did I miss??

great outfit ideas! definitely keep a light cardigan or jacket with you because right now it does get oool at night and first thing in the morning,then it tends to warm up as the day goes on. you can also bring a pair of shorts or capris with you just in case it gets too hot in the day for you.
#1 Niki Cheapskate (Homepage) on 2010-01-26 17:54 (Reply)
I mean gets "cool" at night. sorry for the typo
#1.1 Niki Cheapskate (Homepage) on 2010-01-26 17:56 (Reply)
Thanks for the feedback! So jealous of you warm weather dwellers... :-)
#1.1.1 The Budget Babe on 2010-01-26 18:39 (Reply)
Yeah, I would definitely recommend wearing short sleeves, if not a tank. I have lived in Florida my whole life (and while I'm in south Florida now, I've lived in Northern Florida for over 10 years) - and we're kind of done with the cool weather.

Don't forget sunscreen! At theme parks you can forget and you can get insanely burnt.
#2 ashley on 2010-01-26 19:33 (Reply)
I just flew out of Orlando yesterday. I wore my skinnies and a black and white striped top with flats on the plane. It was warm but got cold at night. 40s & 50s. A cover up at night is needed. I found myself wearing my converse knock offs most days due to all the walking I did. And I packed exactly what you posted! How funny.
#3 Chrissy on 2010-01-26 20:32 (Reply)
even more dressy for going downtown or to citywalk.. I would wear shorts at the theme parks it gets unbearably uncomfortable.
#4 Jennifer on 2010-01-26 20:36 (Reply)
Don't miss the Millenia if you go shopping here. Beware of traffic at the I-Drive outlet mall--best going there late in the evening. Grab a free weekly paper to check on local goings-on.

As a Orlando local, I can tell you the further out one gets, the more deals (and less sold-out stuff) you'll find at the malls.

Recommend wearing a distinctive color and/or design top at the attractions to make easy for others in your party to locate you quickly at the parks.

You also might want to consider carrying a wallet and not a purse at the theme parks. Some rides at Universal absolutely require that you put your purse in a locker. I take a small zipper case with essentials like sunscreen, concealer and lipstick. Then I make my husband carry it:)
#5 Stephanie on 2010-01-26 22:54 (Reply)
#6 Suznews on 2010-01-27 08:42 (Reply)
Bring a cardigan, a heavier jacket (no need for a coat), and a light scarf so you're covered in case of chilly weather (especially at night). it's not really cold these days, but a rainy days is usually followed by a colder one. no need for long sleeves, so long as you dress in layers.
as a benefit to the layering, you can remove a layer if you get hot.
an additional hassle of carrying a purse into a theme park is the security checks. you can bypass them if you're not carrying anything. (and as others mentioned, you can't carry most into rides.)
#7 Kranze (Homepage) on 2010-01-27 09:49 (Reply)
This set of clothing is the best variant for a warm and sunny weekend, isn't it?
#8 Sally on 2010-01-27 10:34 (Reply)
You didn't include where you found those particular clothing items :-( :(
#9 Jessica Smith on 2010-01-27 11:40 (Reply)
Click on any outfit, and you'll be taken to where you will see the complete outfit and details on where you can buy each item. I use because it's a useful tool for putting together the outfits, similar to :-)
#9.1 The Budget Babe on 2010-01-27 11:42 (Reply)
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