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Frugal Formal Dresses Under $60 at

Sort through's "Formals Under $60" section to find a great party dress without breaking the bank., an online fashion store that's well-known among frugal fashionistas as the place to get dirt-cheap designer-inspired shoes, also carries a small selection of rather decent formal dresses under $60. I'm not saying all the dresses in this category are winners, because some of them are quite bad indeed even by clubwear standards, but a remarkable number of the dresses are not only wearable but surprisingly chic. Just use a very discerning eye to sort the good from the bad, and you could surprise yourself with an amazing party frock for very little cash. Paired with carefully selected accessories, many of these dresses could work for prom, summer weddings or graduation parties. See my top 6 picks after the jump.

pleated tie-behind cocktail formal, choose from 5 colors, $48.99

pleated detail cocktail length formal, choose from 7 colors, $50.99

one shoulder pleated cocktail formal, $37.99

thai silk tie-waist formal, classic and chic in white, but you can choose from 6 colors, $38.99

shirred rhinestone bow formal, teal is my fave, but you can choose from 7 colors, $55.99

one shoulder satin drape dress, this sage color looks the most luxe to me, but there are 5 fab colors to choose from. $57.99
I actually purchased one of's formal dresses for one of my bridal showers last year but was a little skeptical on how the fit/length/make would be. Suprisingly, it was even a little big & had to be taken in & was nicely constructed. Some of them are hideous but there are some cute, low-budget ones in there as well!
#1 Lauren (Homepage) on 2010-04-08 16:30 (Reply)
Love the black one shoulder cocktail dress and the sage satin drape dress. Gorgeous!
#2 Sarah (Homepage) on 2010-04-08 17:09 (Reply)
I just discovered your blog via cupcakes and cashmere. I LOVE IT!!!! I was looking through and can't wait for Cynthia Vincent for Target. Only 2 more weeks!!!!!
#3 jen smith (Homepage) on 2010-04-08 21:06 (Reply)
I loveee the Thai dress but I am afraid it wont be "white" enough because it labels it gray on the website.
#4 Amanda on 2010-04-08 21:18 (Reply)
That sage one is gorgeous!
#5 K (Homepage) on 2010-04-08 22:47 (Reply)
As Maid of Honour, I made my bride order Go Jane dresses for her wedding...they turned out great, and SO cheap! You can see them here...not too bad right?:

Of course, shoes are great too!
#6 Wanderlusting (Homepage) on 2010-04-09 02:01 (Reply)
Gorgeous!! You'd never know how much they paid for those dresses, they look fabulous. I think you tipped me off to the dress section at in the first place, so thanks again :-)
#6.1 The Budget Babe on 2010-04-10 08:14 (Reply)
These dresses are super cute. I might have to purchase the one shoulder dress.
#7 Living Fly on a Dime (Homepage) on 2010-04-10 11:14 (Reply)
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