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J. Lo We LOVE You!!

Don't act so surprised. Last night, we were super psyched to see the bootylicious Jennifer Lopez as the guest mentor on American Idol!! Hadn't seen her in a while (haven't used the word "bootylicious" in quite some time, either), but apparently she's been busy topping the Latin music charts, and looking sexy as ever.

Tonight, J.Lo gave us a smokin' hot performance that had us up off the couch, singing and shaking our groove thangs right along with her! Say it loud, say it proud--we love you, J.Lo!!

Amidst the Jenny-from-the-block excitement, we surfed on over to and discovered for the first time that they have an entire section on Idol style. This might be old news to some, but in all honesty, we're kind of proud that we didn't know about it until now.

We had a good time in the Fashion Idol department where you can browse pics of all the singers and rate their looks.

In Get the Look, you can find suggestions for clothes, shoes and accessories that will help you look like your fave idols. Their recommendations are hit-or-miss—some items looked nothing like the original, others were identical or even preferable to what the singers wore.

Unfortunately, we still can't find a photo of Stephanie Edwards wearing a certain red and ivory satin halter which we happen to know came from Forever21 because we had it first! And don't you just love it when you see something you own being worn on TV?? Hey, gotta get your kicks somehow.

And ::yawn:: this is where we lost interest.

P.S. We're purposefully avoiding any mention of J.Lo's ventures in fashion design. Do as she dresses, not as she "designs."
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