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Ask BB: What to Wear to a College Interview

Here's a question posted by cydneycy in the forums: "In two weeks I've got to go to the college I'm planning on going to to interview for scholarships. It's going to be an event with a lot of other prospective students and I really want to leave a good, lasting impression. HELP!"

The outfit you put together should look professional while still showcasing your personality. You'll make it memorable by wearing a confident smile, making eye contact, and delivering smart answers (naturally!).

I think a classic sheath dress ($128) is a great wardrobe staple that's flattering on many body types. It should be fitted but not tight. Next, add a velvet blazer ($100) to cover those shoulders and add some color and texture. Carry your essentials in a forest green lattice embellished bag ($46) that's fashionable yet understated.

Finish the look with a braided chain bracelet ($6.50), black opaque tights ($15) and black ankle boots ($62) - a little bit of heel will give you a boost, physically and mentally. The right clothes will make you feel more comfortable and the less you're worrying about how you look, the more you can focus on nailing that scholarship. Good luck!

love the dress...but i would lose the velvet blazer...maybe something more toned down but still sophisticated - just a simple blazer that's what i would go with...or a cardigan...
and i would also go with just seem a lil too casual...but it depends what type of scholarship you're going for and what you're studying...probably should dress more conservative if going for business/law etc. vs. arts
#1 milk tea girl (Homepage) on 2010-10-22 19:46 (Reply)
Gorgeous boots and a great vest would look good for any college interview. And a chic bag, too! :-)
#2 Tina (Homepage) on 2010-10-26 00:52 (Reply)
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