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Ask BB: What to Wear for a Fashion PR Interview

I am a sophomore at the University of South Florida. I recently got really great news - I will be interviewing for an internship with one of NYC's top fashion PR firms. My interview is in early December, and I have NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR! I do not know how the weather will be, how professional I should get (versus how chic I should look), etc. Since it is a high fashion firm, I have to look perfectly put together (keep in mind I am on a budget). Please help! —Meghan

First, do your homework. Find out everything you can about how people at the company dress. If you can follow the company on Twitter, do it. Twitpics and tweets can provide lots of clues about the office culture and dress code. (Just don't say anything like "I read allll your tweets!" during the interview. Might come across as a bit stalker-ish.)

Secondly, follow @DKNY PR Girl on Twitter. She's an expert in her field and gives great advice for aspiring fashion PR folks both on Twitter and her blog. This post is a must-read regarding how to have a successful interview. Forget the black suit, she says. You want your potential employer to be able to visualize you working with their team, and chances are, they aren't wearing black suits every day.

Now to the nitty-gritty. December can be cold and snowy in NYC, so dress accordingly. You'll want to wear tights if you're wearing a skirt or dress, a tailored wool coat and scarf. Dressy boots are probably your best bet, too. Don't wear anything too tight, too low-cut or too short. I'd start with some perfectly tailored classic basics and then dress them up with an interesting necklace, amazing shoes or other unexpected detail.

I'm guessing you love fashion since you're applying for a fashion PR position, so trust your gut and express your own personal style. Prepare your outfit well in advance, give it a test run to make sure you feel comfortable and confident. Then go in there and show 'em what you got - and let us know when you get the job! xoBB

I feature outfit ideas almost every day and while most celebrities don't offer a lot of inspiration in terms of professional workplace attire, here are a couple looks from the archives that would totally work for an interview with a few small tweaks:

1. Sienna Miller's leopard print skirt and black blazer

2. Pippa Middleton's sweater dress and ankle boots

3. Mandy Moore's tweed jacket and cap-toe flats

Shown at top: Browse your favorite stores like for outfit inspiration, then recreate the looks using more affordable pieces from your closet and elsewhere.

Are you in PR? What advice would you give Meghan to help her dress the part and land the job?

No clue what to wear for your job interview? Here are tips and outfit ideas that will help you land that job!

Olivia Palermo Photo Credit: Moryc Welt / BACKGRID

OK -- here best advice: don't try to out-label or out-trend -- be yourself and build an outfit that's an advertisement of why you would be good for the job.

Remember, these are people who work with trends before they become trends. So you aren't going to be able to dazzle them with the latest trend and you aren't going to be able to keep up when you get the job, unless you can afford a whole new wardrobe. (Think positive - you WILL get the job and you will have to dress every day for it).

So why not go the other way? Repurpose something thrifted or build an outfit around a single statement piece. Example: I have a beautiful navy Gucci shoulder bag, inherited from my grandmother. I love to trot this one out in an interview because anybody who knows fashion knows that they are seeing a fantastic piece. To me, building an outfit around this one bag says that I know how to mix current and classic trends and how to creatively repurpose. Which shows my style and my work, instead of stating it on a resume. Remember - you are your own best advertisement and you start talking the minute you walk in the door.

Manrepeller has a great blog that showcases really current trends, check her out and maybe even ask for some advice.

Be bold and confident -- good luck!
#1 JustJen on 2011-12-01 01:03 (Reply)
I went to USF! You go girl, good luck on your interview, Meghan! Make us Bulls proud and look great doing it. :-)
#2 rachel (Homepage) on 2011-12-01 10:50 (Reply)
Great selections. Love the middle one, so chic and always classic!
#3 Berty Morales (Homepage) on 2011-12-01 13:01 (Reply)
LOVED this post! It so awesome to see people from Tampa doing big things! I'm interested in knowing how her interview went, ie. the juicy deets! Good luck, Meghan!
#4 Melissa San Vicente (Homepage) on 2011-12-01 14:54 (Reply)
Great advice in that post, and great concept!

Thanks for doing that, we all can use a little help.

--Sarista Patrick
(Saree Rentals)
#5 Sarista Patrick (Homepage) on 2011-12-02 02:58 (Reply)
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