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Off the Rack: February Highlights at Target

During my last trip to Target, I spied dozens of other ways I could spend my money, Jason Wu notwithstanding. Standouts included colored denim ($22.99), neon accessories (don't dismiss these until you've seen the latest J.Crew catalog) and blue and green jewelry that looked perfect for spring. The seasonal home decor accents were fun, too, with chevron striped pillows, crystal-look perfume bottles and a white glass lamp base that could pass as a pricey antique. I managed to resist purchasing these temptations but now I share them here with you. Enjoy!

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It's nice to know I'm not the only one that can't go into Target without finding something that I love on just about every other aisle! ;-)
#1 Noella (Homepage) on 2012-02-07 17:56 (Reply)
Love the colored denim and neon yellow bag. Do you happen to remember how much that bird jewelry tree was? It's adorable!
#2 Heather, Clearance Couture (Homepage) on 2012-02-07 18:24 (Reply)
I've been dying to purchase some colorful pants. I've just always been too scared. These are quite tempting, though. I may have to go take a look.
#3 Savannah (Homepage) on 2012-02-07 19:30 (Reply)
Do you remember the brand/price of the blue necklace pictured above? Thanks!
#4 Sarah on 2012-02-07 19:37 (Reply)
I wanted a pair of the yellow skinnies so bad. tried two sizes up from my normal size and they still didn't fit me right. i didn't see those neon bags at my store. they're cute!
#5 Niki Cheapskate (Homepage) on 2012-02-07 19:55 (Reply)
I love Target, but none of these really appeal to me.
#6 K (Homepage) on 2012-02-07 22:50 (Reply)
The necklace was one of target brands and it was 29.99. I got the blue floral top box and a matching journal to go with it for my new desk. So many nice things for spring.
#7 Tracie on 2012-02-08 01:58 (Reply)
LOVE that necklace. It would go awesome with those colored jeans and even a plain white tee.
#8 Kat (Homepage) on 2012-02-08 02:10 (Reply)

Seriously, I'm in there at least 3 times a week. It's utterly ridiculous! And thennn, they had the nerve to increase my credit limit. WHAT are they thinking!? Are they aware that I have an extreme soft spot for them. Ugghhh.
*all of this said while I plan my weekly Target shopping trip!
#9 Miss Rockwell (Homepage) on 2012-02-08 04:51 (Reply)
I bought that chevron lamp shade last time I was there!! And like you took lots of picture of all the new, adorable home decor! I don't have a spot for the lampshade yet but for $20, I will find somewhere!
#10 Suzell (Homepage) on 2012-02-08 10:27 (Reply)
Target seriously stepped it up in the home decor department. It's amazingly chic and modern. I can't wait to get a house so I can have an excuse to buy furniture. lol They also stepped up on their bags. I've been seeing the ostrich leather-like tote bags.
#11 Thrifty Lizzie Couture (Homepage) on 2012-02-08 11:18 (Reply)
Don't you love Target. I need to check out the colored jeans again because last time i went they didn't have my size :-(. I also adore their home decor, it is one of my fav sections too.
#12 Berty Morales (Homepage) on 2012-02-08 12:02 (Reply)
I LOVE that blue and silver stool/bench. Do you know the name of it or the price? I can't seem to find it online.
#13 Viveca on 2012-02-08 12:48 (Reply)
I have the neon yellow bag and LOVE it! I was hesitant to pay full price for it, but I think I'll definitely carry it enough to get my money's worth.

That necklace is fantastic, and it looks like they've really stepped up their game in the home goods department. I'm getting kind of an Anthropologie/West Elm vibe from the stuff you shot. Very nice!
#14 Sara (Homepage) on 2012-02-08 13:15 (Reply)
I was in Target last night too! My store didn't have any of the jewelry but they did have tons of shoes on sale! And the colored jeans were pretty but they only had them in juniors sizes! Does anyone fit into those?
#15 Kristin on 2012-02-08 15:26 (Reply)
wow so many amazing finds. I was just in there yesterday adn swooning over many of the same however mine didn't have all those gold accessories, chevron that you saw. Love that mag holder.
#16 alyson (Homepage) on 2012-02-08 15:34 (Reply)
Thank you for this! I am officially in love with the colored denim and MUST get to Target to try a pair of those jeans on. IN LOVE!
#17 Erin O'Brien (Homepage) on 2012-02-08 17:08 (Reply)
My sentiments exactly - seeing a lot of neat spring items at the Targets of Chicago-land. Saw some nice looking white trouser denim...also love the colors. Saving money for other things right now so the shopping will have to wait...
#18 jen_cam on 2012-02-08 20:44 (Reply)
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