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Ask BB: What to Wear to a Graduation

My graduation is coming up ... The problem is I don't know what to wear. We have white robes and I don't really want to wear just a plain white dress underneath. Any ideas on how to make myself standout after the ceremony? —Liz

The easiest way to stand out has to be with bright color! As long as you aren't required to wear a white dress to your graduation, go bold with something like this fuchsia number from Express:

Another fabulous choice that's flattering on all skintones is this cobalt dress from Forever 21. It will look amazing in photos and boasts a trendy hi-low hem:

Another eye-cathing option? Bold prints. This flirty floral number is so chic and attention-getting for all the right reasons:

If you do decide to opt for white (nothing wrong with that!), look for a dress with an interesting detail or fabric. Something in lace or eyelet will make your white dress stand out from the crowd.

Got a suggestion for Liz? Let her know in the comments!

Make sure you try the dress on with the robe before you buy it. Some of those graduation robes can be pretty thin and you may be able to see your dress underneath.
#1 Kristin on 2012-06-07 07:10 (Reply)
I also need fresh ideas on what to wear for my graduation,mine is more formal, and I am breast feeding so I need a dress that's not bandeaux nor tiny strap. Thanks a lot
#1.1 Gloria on 2012-06-07 16:39 (Reply)
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