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Ask BB: Where Can I Find Affordable Wrap Dresses?

I just discovered you (kid number four is 5 months old, forgive me for being distracted) and I adore your blog. Can you help me with something tricky? Let's leave politics out of this and just focus on fashion. I saw a picture of Ann Romney in the paper and loved her print dress (shown at right). ... I'm a nursing mom and could totally wear a nursing tank under it. I even emailed the Romney campaign to see if they would tell me who made it. (No luck.) Multiple Google searches turned up only a few options, so I'm hoping you have better ideas on how to search for print wrap dresses. I gladly welcome your suggestions! —Clare

Ann Romney's purple swirl-print wrap dress is by the queen of wrap dresses herself, Diane von Furstenberg, who also happens to be an outspoken Democrat. I'm guessing that, politics aside, Mrs. Romney just really likes a good wrap dress. Who doesn't? This timeless dress style is ultra flattering and easy to wear, dressed up or down.

Here are some affordable wrap dress options mostly under $50 for you to consider:

1. Robbie Bee Wrap Dress, $35 at (also available in plus sizes)

2. Merona Crossover Floral Print dress, $29.99 at (also in leopard print)

3. Old Navy Wrap Dress, $32.94 at (available in six colors)

4. Forever 21 Artsy print wrap dress, $29.80 at

5. AGB wrap dress, $39.99 at

6. Chain Print Wrap Dress, $35 at

7. Scarf Print Dress, $24.80 at

8. Stripe Wrap Dress, $40 at

9. New York & Co. printed wrap dress, $35.97 (down from $59.95) at

10. Express Printed Knit Wrap Dress, $79.90 at (Use code 2128 to get $15 off thru Nov. 4)

love all the dresses !!
#1 Jocelynn on 2012-11-01 14:49 (Reply)
all of them are so cute!

giveaway ends tomorrow! check it out!
#2 Liz (Homepage) on 2012-11-01 15:11 (Reply)
great options! wrap dresses are a godsend. makes it so easy to get ready in the morning to head to the office, lol
#3 Niki Cheapskate (Homepage) on 2012-11-01 15:24 (Reply)
Thank you so much for showing Ann Romney it's nice to see that she does get noticed in a positive way
#4 Deny on 2012-11-01 16:30 (Reply)
That Express dress is gorgeous!
#5 K (Homepage) on 2012-11-01 17:03 (Reply)
Glad to see a fashion blog feature Ann Romney. Apparently and unfortunately, politiics does play into fashion. . . No designer endorsement or recognition of their own designs when it's Mrs. Romney. But I believe it was unnecessary for you to add that DNF is a democrat, outspoken or not . . .
#6 Samantha on 2012-11-02 06:37 (Reply)
Have to disagree with you. Necessary or not, I thought the mention that DVF is an outspoken Democrat was ironic and interesting. Don't really see why it's a problem.
#6.1 Emily on 2012-11-02 20:37 (Reply)
Thanks for responding to my question. I should have guessed DVF. Thanks for the research on the dress. Nordstrom has it on sale, too, but I like your pricing options so much better. Keep up the awesome work. - Clare
#7 Clare on 2012-11-02 08:25 (Reply)
My mother-in-law showed me a trick to keep your wrap dresses from showing too much cleavage. You buy and sew in a small hook & eye inside the dress where the fabric crosses to keep it from moving/gaping, this allows me to skip wearing a tank under many of my wrap dresses.
#8 JMarie on 2012-11-02 09:16 (Reply)
Thanks for the tip! I have two dresses that have sat in my closet because of gapping. One I wear a tank under, the other I really adore the print but the top fits oddly. The wrap dresses here are beautiful! Thanks budget babe!
#8.1 Olivia on 2012-11-02 11:45 (Reply)
Dear BB,

I nabbed a great Cyber Monday deal on a wrap dress from Old Navy. Thanks so much for your style & shopping savvy.
#9 Clare on 2012-11-29 21:32 (Reply)
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