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Ashley's Picks: Summer Beauty Essentials

Ashley's Summer Beauty Essentials
As the seasons change, so do the contents of my makeup bag. In the summer months, I pare everything down to simple basics and focus on taking care of my skin, which means rarely wearing a full face of makeup. I like keeping things light and easily manageable, making sure I can spend as much time as possible with friends, out in the sun and making memories. A handful of products can keep me glowing, moisturized, protected from UV rays and looking effortlessly gorgeous. I never run out of these fave five products and even keep a few extras in my purse and yoga bag. Read up on my summer beauty essentials, try a few and see if they make your top 5!

P.S. Let me know in the comments section if any of these are your beauty favorites too!

Ashley's Picks: Summer Beauty Essentials

Neutrogena Age Shield Face, Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 110 $11.69
I'm a redhead, so naturally I have very fair, sensitive skin and a smattering of freckles. To keep my skin healthy, I never walk out the door without sunscreen. I love using it as a primer before putting on my makeup in the summer. This one from Neutrogena is moisturizing, but not greasy, and lasts for hours. I reapply every few hours, or right after I get out of the pool.

ORLY Nail Lacquer in 'Haute Red' $7.69
My nails are painted year round. Fall and winter call for deeper tones, spring is for pastels and summer is when I break out the bright, fun colors. To me, nothing says classic like a bright cherry red for summer. This shade from ORLY is absolute perfection. Their formula lasts without chipping, gives a high, glossy shine and is a prestige formula for a fraction of the price. If you see me lounging by the pool, it's guaranteed that my nails and toes will be matching in 'Haute Red' by ORLY.

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm $5
This balm is a great reminder that you don't have to sacrifice moisture for color. I practically live in Burt's Bees lip balm, and when I want to add a sheer wash of color to my lips in the summer I reach for these tinted versions. These balms come in 6 shades, my favorites are 'Zinnia' and 'Hibiscus', and offer long-lasting color and moisture, which is great for when I can't constantly be reapplying. Playful and fresh, these lippies are sure to be your new summer obsession!

NYX Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, Matte Finish $8
In the summer there are a multitude of problems that may ruin your makeup. Humidity, sweat, changes in your skin, or even the use of certain sunscreens can cause your makeup to run. That's where this new favorite of mine comes in handy! NYX's setting spray locks your makeup in place with a matte finish, so no looking oily this summer. My tip is to spray it as a primer as well, I find that it just acts as added insurance before your final spritz. The cool mist also feels great before heading into the heat.

Revlon Highlighting Palette $12
In the summer I love having glowing, flushed and bronzed skin and nothing has helped me achieve this look like Revlon's Highlighting Palette. Similar to - but less expensive - than the iconic Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, Revlon's palette combines strips of graduated highlighter, blush and or bronzer in 3 varying combinations depending on the look you want. I like to use the 'Peach Glow' since my cheeks are naturally flushed in the summer and the bronzer is lighter. Between Peach, Rose and Bronze Glow I'm positive you'll find the perfect one for mastering the look that you want.

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