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Currently Obsessed with Tag Pendants

Here's another oldie-but-goodie that I'm utterly obsessed with: The tag pendant necklace. It's a piece of jewelry that makes the wearer feel nostalgic, treasured and precious. I just bought this "Love" tag pendant necklace from Forever 21 and it's already joined the ranks of my "daily wears." (I like to wear the same few pieces of jewelry every day to sort of build a relationship with them...then I rotate them out after a couple months. It's more for psychological reasons than fashion, if that makes any sense). So, moving right along, you should get one too, because this tag pendant necklace is adorable, it matches everything and it looks a lot more expensive than $6. I'll admit the message is cheesy but it's too small for anyone to read anyways. Except for you, when you want a giggle.

Get the Define Love Necklace at, $5.80

I'm so glad to see this is favorite of yours b/c I actually make these kind of tags for a living- they are popular and that is so cool. I wear mine, with my son's name on it everyday.
#1 tags-n-stones (Homepage) on 2008-08-11 08:05 (Reply)
I saw it and feel in love with it..i was about to purchase it when saw that the line at F21 were ridicoulously long..(but aren't they always?).....but will still get it when i can
#2 milly on 2008-08-11 09:04 (Reply)
Very cute!
#3 budget chic (Homepage) on 2008-08-11 20:41 (Reply)
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