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Off the Rack: Finding the Perfect Kimono Under $60

Off the Rack: The Perfect Kimono Under $60
Kimonos are the spring and summer cardigan and we are all about them! Talk about an effortless way to add interest to an otherwise basic jeans & tee look. Their versatility is a huge bonus, for anything from dressing up with heels and trousers to a cover-up for the pool. Almost every fashion brand is making them…but who has the best prints, quality, and prices? Stay tuned to find out!

Forever21 Ditsy Floral Print Kimono
Price: $19.90
Size: Small/Medium
Rating: 3/5

Forever21 Ditsy Floral Kimono
Forever21 Ditsy Floral Kimono Side View
Pardon the terrible lighting in my Forever 21 photos…I think I literally got the darkest dressing room in the whole store! HA! Anyways, it was love at first sight with this kimono. I couldn't resist how adorable the dainty floral print is, and mustard has been an obsession of mine lately, too. Sadly, I wasn’t as thrilled when I put it on. This piece is 100% polyester and therefore felt a little on the heavy side compared to most kimonos I’ve ever worn. Combine this with the fact that even the small/medium was a bit more oversized than I’d like, and I sort of felt like I was wearing a drape. If you don’t mind this and you’re looking for a kimono that’s a little less thin/flimsy, this might be the one for you.

Forever 21 Floral Leaf Print Kimono
Price: $15.90
Size: Small
Rating: 4/5

Forever21 Floral Leaf Kimono
Another pattern I adored from the very beginning! My favorite part was the flowiness and jagged cuts to the hemline, adding a little more flair to achieve the boho vibe. Much more breathable and less weighty than the first kimono I tried on here. My only concern with this one is how long the quality will last…but I’ve been surprised with items from F21 before with their durability throughout a couple seasons or so. You can’t beat their prices on trendy items though, so I’d be willing to spend on this and potentially have to update next year! This one also comes in mustard.
Plus size options from Forever21:
Tribal Inspired Tassel Cover-Up $15
Sheer Leaf Print Kimono $18

Urban Outfitters Essential Kimono
Price: $54
Size: OS
Rating: 4.5/5

UO Essential Kimono Urban Outfitters
Lucky for me they had only two of these left in my local UO! I am so drawn to this deep purple and eclectic pattern – it speaks to me as someone who likes a pop of color that still a bit on the darker side! Lightweight, soft, In a perfect world for me, this kimono would be just slightly shorter in the back (it came down to mid-calf on me and I’m 5’8’’). Might get a little annoying when trying to stand and sit throughout the day but honestly, it’s so beautiful I would totally deal with it. I immediately pictured myself wearing this with some high-waisted denim shorts, a white fitted tank and some strappy sandals. Also – they have other patterns and even solid colors in this style on their website!

H&M Crinkled Kimono
Price: $25
Size: Medium
Rating: 5/5

H&M Crinkled Kimono
I figured it was a good idea to try on a simpler look, and this delicate white one with tiny tassels was an adorable find! This would be perfect over a sundress or sleeveless romper; may it be for a special occasion or even casual work attire. Warning: it is see-through (and stains are always a risk with white), but I assume that most of us would be wearing some sort of full-coverage tank or tee underneath! This crinkled kimono is honestly a must if you prefer something that is a more reasonable length, doesn’t drape in four different directions, and can go with almost everything!

Jaase Printed Tassel Kimono (from Marshall's)
Size: Small
Rating: 3.5/5

Marshall's Jaase Printed Tassel Kimono
Marshall's Jaase Printed Tassel Kimono Sleeve
This one was quite interesting. It wasn’t until I got into the dressing room that I noticed the unique cut of the sleeves on this guy, as you can see from this photo. My first reaction was a little confused and uncertain, but as I twirled around in it a bit the shape grew on me! The arms were just a touch tight, but not so much that I felt restricted in my movement. They didn’t have a medium so I couldn’t try it on to compare, but I think it would have been too much fabric for me, as the small felt like just enough fabric for me to handle. I’m down with the beachy colors and tassels though for sure! Might try to see if TJ Maxx has this one in a medium just to double check ;-)

Jaase Floral Printed Kimono (from Marshall's)
Price: $16.99
Size: Small
Rating: 5/5

Marshall's Jaase Floral Printed Kimono
Really nothing to complain about this one at all! Every gal needs a floral print kimono in her closet, without a doubt. I would say of them all, this would be the most fun at an unbeatable price, and would put you right in the mix with trendy kimonos everywhere! Great in-between length of not to short, not too long, lightweight but not overly thin. I considered picking it up since the price is awesome, but I just recently bought a floral jumpsuit in navy (see our Off the Rack: Jumpsuits at TJ Maxx for a peek!) that was similar print, so I decided that variety in my prints was a priority for me!

This shopping trip has me even more excited for summer weather and clothes—just waiting on that sun to make an appearance consistently! If I had to choose, my favorite and the one I would love to have in my closet would be the UO Essential Kimono. Of course, I had to get sucked in by the priciest one of them all…but hey, a girl likes what she likes! We’ll just put it on the wish list for now.

Which one (or ones) is your favorite? Have you found a stunning kimono elsewhere for a wallet-friendly deal?

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