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Before and After: Sally Hansen Miracle Cure

Before: My nasty, bitten-to-the-bone fingernails before using Sally Hansen Miracle Cure.

Recently, The Budget Beauty Babe (an alias) brought us her glowing review of Sally Hansen Miracle Cure for Severe Problem Nails. Encouraged by her positive experience with this product, I decided to see if I could get the same incredible results, especially since I was desperate to put an end to my on-and-off, incredibly nasty little habit of biting my nails. So I bought a bottle of Sally Hansen Miracle Cure in the beauty section of my local grocery store, and put it to the test. This stuff really IS amazing! It forms a rigid, protective coating on my nails which strengthens the nail and acts as a solid deterrent to nail biting. No more chips, tears, or breaking—all the things that used to happen to my nails on a daily basis, which would then cause me to pick at them (gross, I know) until they were practically non-existent.

Above, you can see what my nails looked like when I began this experiment a few weeks ago. Keep reading to see my nails now!

After: My nails after 2 weeks of using Sally Hansen Miracle Cure! I'm so proud.

Ta-da! Here, you'll see my nails are noticeably longer after two weeks of use. The Sally Hansen product doesn't help your nails grow, but it definitely helps prevent them from breaking, and it stopped me from chewin' on them (ewwww). Not bad, huh?

Also, some of you may recall that I asked Santa to bring me some Dior Vernis nail polish this past Christmas, and you know what, he actually did. But I never felt my nails were pretty enough to paint with Dior...until now!

To reward myself for going three whole weeks without biting my nails, I painted them with my bottle of Dior Vernis in Poison Blue—and I can't stop looking at my hands. It's a gorgeous, rich blue color that looks black depending on the light. This color goes on smooth and thick, and dries to a perfect glossy finish. It took two coats to get the color right; three coats for the ultimate shade. I know my at-home mani isn't perfect but I hope you can get a feel for the color from my photos. Puts me in a Twilight kind of mood!

Dior Blue Poison was a limited-edition color they carried around the holidays, but if you're looking for a spring shade, check out Dior Vernis in Nude Chic at It's not cheap at $20/bottle, but having this small luxury is proving to be a great motivator to keep my nails looking nice and healthy.

How to Stop Biting Your Nails Quick and Easy Solution That Really Works!

Great blog! :-)
#1 pearls and green tea (Homepage) on 2009-03-23 16:33 (Reply)
love that you showed us your results I have been biting my nails anxiously waiting! lol but really thanks this helps a lot when shopping and not sure what to try, a picture is worth a thousand words.
#2 cin (Homepage) on 2009-03-23 16:42 (Reply)
What exactly did you do when you used the polish? Did you use it once a week or every other day? did you use it a certain amount of times and then remove it and start all over? I've tried the polish but it hasn't worked for me, so I figured I wasn't doing things correctly.
#3 Chloe on 2009-03-23 17:22 (Reply)
That's good stuff. I should have persevered. Instead, I gave up about 2 months ago and got tips! I'm impatient like that. :-)

That color is great! I've fallen in love with dark purple/plum. Love!
#4 Maglet (Homepage) on 2009-03-23 17:29 (Reply)
I purchased Miracle Cure after seeing it on your blog. My nails grow fast but they break easily. I too have noticed a huge difference in the strength of my nails. Thanks!
#5 Mee on 2009-03-23 18:28 (Reply)
how many times a week did you use the polish?? im removing my acrylics and my nails are DSTROYED!! and there ripping like crazzyy... im def going to go purchase this stuff... thank you!!!
#6 courtney on 2009-03-23 18:35 (Reply)
I applied one coat every other day, without removing the previous layer. Hope this helps!
#6.1 The Budget Babe on 2009-03-23 19:34 (Reply)
Oh wow. I need this product. I've tried countless stuff to deter me from biting my nails...and nothing has really worked.
#7 LC on 2009-03-24 01:46 (Reply)
I definitely need to pick this up! I stopped biting my nails a couple years ago, but my nails break easily, and once they break, I tend to bite them to "fix" them. I don't know if that makes sense--it's gross--but hopefully this will help!
#8 taylor (Homepage) on 2009-03-24 07:56 (Reply)
I am sooooo proud of you!
#9 Shelle on 2009-04-01 21:21 (Reply)
BB! You are so awesome. I just picked up this polish yesterday and I'm already not biting my nails because I'm so excited! I hope they look as pretty as yours do! How long was it in between that before and after photo?

#10 Jacquie on 2009-04-23 01:09 (Reply)
2 weeks to start seeing some nail, 4 weeks to get them to the point where I painted them with the Dior. And I'm still going strong! It's amazing, you begin to forget that you ever bit them...and the skin around the nail gets much healthier too, which in turn discourages you from biting. Good luck, you can do it :-)
#10.1 The Budget Babe on 2009-04-23 10:11 (Reply)
Hi! I love our story. I am going to try some this weekend. Will you do me a favor and post your story to my website? One of my users has asked for advice on a product that helps her stop biting her nails and grow. She'd really appreciate our advice. THank you so much!!! I really appreciate it. BTW, we are adding new features soon. The site is in beta right now.
#11 Kaycee (Homepage) on 2010-01-07 22:44 (Reply)
By the way, if you do log in to share your advice, click on "edit my profile" and you can put a link to your blog in your profile. I'm sure people will find your advice really helpful and would like to see the link to your blog!

I am looking forward to trying this my nails have gotten more brittle lately!
#12 Kaycee (Homepage) on 2010-01-07 22:50 (Reply)
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