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5 Under $50: The Cold Shoulder

Cut-out sleeves might be called "cold-shoulder" but the glimpse of skin they reveal is anything but frigid. Whether bohemian like Kate Bosworth or demure like Olivia Palermo, the right cold-shoulder dress or top is the perfect way to show your sultry side this summer. Here are 5 of my top picks under $50:

The Budget Babe in Minted Mag

In the summer 2012 issue of Minted magazine, you can check out my day-to-night styling tips beginning on page 19. In case you're not familiar, Minted is a magazine for the "modern career girl." This is their eco-friendly issue with special sections for mommies, so be sure to peep the entire issue - it's loaded with great interviews and fashion news. Big thanks to Minted for including me! Follow them on Twitter for the latest.

Ask BB: What to Wear to a Graduation

My graduation is coming up ... The problem is I don't know what to wear. We have white robes and I don't really want to wear just a plain white dress underneath. Any ideas on how to make myself standout after the ceremony? —Liz

The easiest way to stand out has to be with bright color! As long as you aren't required to wear a white dress to your graduation, go bold with something like this fuchsia number from Express: