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Sarah Jessica Parker is the New Face of Jordache

Sarah Jessica Paker for Jordache
While flipping through the August issue of People StyleWatch, I came across an ad showing a very svelte Sarah Jessica Parker modeling some curve-hugging Jordache jeans. I'd like to say I owned Jordache jeans back in the eighties when the brand was at its peak but I never really had any of the cool stuff. ("What's wrong with this imitation Cabbage Patch doll? It's just as good as the real thing!" my parents would say). But of course I'm familiar with the once iconic denim brand, with it's wild horse logo. The question is: Can SJP make Jordache cool again?

Most recently I recall seeing Heidi Klum as the face of the brand and while I think she always looked great in the product, it never made me say, "wow, I need to give Jordache a second look." Sarah Jessica Parker is a bit different - she's piqued my interest and made me check out, where "The Jordache Look" a new collection of premium (read: expensive) denim can be found. But what I'm more interested in, and can't seem to find information about anywhere, is the new Jordache Collection sold exclusively at Walmart - that's what I saw advertised in StyleWatch. I will be totally on board with these, especially after my surprise success with Walmart's Signature by Levi Strauss line (which I wrote about here).

But it's unclear to me whether there's anything new about Jordache at Walmart of if the only thing that's changed in the spokesmodel. And that's part of the brand's problem. If they're trying to reach millenials with The Jordache Look, I don't think it will work. (Evidence: #thejordachelook hashtag they're plugging only has 90 posts on Instagram so far.) If they're trying to reach budget-savvy shoppers such as myself who see SJP as a style icon, please let us know what to look for and when.

Have you seen the new SJP x Jordache ads? Did you do a double take? Are you ready to shop the new Jordache?

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I still cringe at the Walmart jeans of the 90's - cheap all around. I love Levi's, and I would be willing to try Jordache at Walmart based on the SJP ads. Mainly because I miss her BITTEN line that, the now defunct, Steve & Barry's used to sell. When I first moved into the Chicago suburbs for work I bought several items from that line for work. This could be good...if Walmart/Jordache get their marketing in-line. Like when GAP used SJP in their ads years ago. We still remember watching SJP rock Patricia Fields styles on Sex and the City. She may not reach all 'millennials', but I am on the very front end of that generation (depending on how you look at it). We have savvy style budgets that a line like this would attract.
#1 jen_cam (Homepage) on 2015-07-16 12:01 (Reply)
I loved reading your perspective on this! I, too, miss Bitten (I still have the "Fashion is not a luxury" t-shirt!) and would love to see something like that come back.
#1.1 The Budget Babe on 2015-07-17 06:53 (Reply)
I still have mine too! Grey with pink writing.
#1.1.1 Alyson on 2015-07-17 12:51 (Reply)
"What do we do to revive a brand from the Studio 54 era and make it popular with the kids?"

"I know, find a spokesmodel old enough to have worn them the first time around!"

At least Calvin Klein was smart enough to get Kendall Jenner.
#2 StrawberryGirl on 2015-07-16 23:06 (Reply)
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